Next: Raytracing in F#

I decided to do some writing on Raytracing using F# next.

I always loved Raytracers (the very first I saw was written in QBasic and just showed a gray scale shaded ball in the center of the screen (maybe with some shadow but I don’t remember that detail) and indeed our very first goal will be to recreate just this (but I think we will but some color in there).

The series will give a overview on several topics I really like:

  • writing your own Vector-type in F# (with operators and all that)
  • using and explaining some easy topics in Linear Algebra
  • Creating a simple Raytracer
  • parallizing the Raytracer

As I don’t know how much work I will really put into this I will write the Blog-articles as the Raytracer grows and I don’t know right now where this will lead (will I put support for textures in there? Don’t know – if you guys demand it than yeah why not)?

So stay tuned  ….