setting up a IDRIS sandbox

This is mainly for myself in case I forget some of the steps involved – but maybe you find this usefull to in case you want to play with IDRIS. This is how I setup a cabal sandbox, fetch the latest version and (re-)build it.


More info on github

first setup

You will need GHC (for example the Haskell plattform) and a git client – I only tested this on Linux (obviously) but it should work on Windows too (minus the usual problems with package builds where you might need to use mingw or something similar)

This will get you running:

git clone git:// idris
cd idris
cabal sandbox init
cabal update
cabal install --dependencies only

This will hopefully compile (if not you might have to sudo apt-get some missing libs or check out package problems) and you will find the binaries in ./.cabal-sandbox/bin.

Now I either append the path to this folder to my PATH variable or I just make a symlink to the idris binary there into a folder that is already in my path (usually a ~/bin folder or something).

Now you should be able to run Idris by just calling idris.

You can find out more about Idris hereHave Fun